“What if you were the best thing that ever happened on planet Earth?  All the projections and expectations you’ve defined as meaningful are the things that keep you from being everything you are.”

Gary Douglas, in conversation with participants in a life-changing Access Consciousness® class, describes what projections, expectations, separations, judgments, and rejections are, the way they destroy you, your life, and your relationships, and how to get free of them and be everything you are.

As class participants ask questions about money, business, work, love, sex, bodies, parents, family, and kids, Gary offers lively stories, provocative questions, and amazingly effective tools, and clearings that will enable you to clearly see what is in front of you, and to change anything in your life.

“If you have no projections, expectations, separations, judgments, and rejections, you can actually be happy!”

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Gary Douglas is an internationally-recognized thought leader, bestselling author, business innovator and founder of Access Consciousness, a set of simple-yet-profound tools currently transforming lives in more than 170 countries. He has authored or co-authored numerous books, including the Barnes and Noble #1 bestselling novel, The Place.

An avid investor and entrepreneur, Gary is a vocal advocate of Benevolent Capitalism and conscious leadership. He co-hosts a weekly radioshow on Voice America and has featured in TV shows, print media and online publications around the world. He is renowned for his unique insights on love, relationships, money, business, aging, leadership and emotional freedom. For more information visit www.accessconsciousness.com and www.garymdouglas.com.

The Access tools are now offered in 173 countries with 2,000 trained facilitators worldwide. Douglas has written 17 books so far. In 2010 his book “The Place” became a Barnes and Nobles #1 Bestseller.



Questions From Gary:

How many projections and expectations of the results you want in life are you using to avoid getting the change that would give you everything you desire in life with total ease?
How many projections and expectations are you using to create projections and expectations so you can separate, judge, and reject yourself?
What have you suppressed in order to live by the projections and expectations of others?

Want to know more about PESJR?

If you have the slightest projection and expectation of anyone or anything, you have to separate from you. You have to look for rejection. You have to judge you and have everybody else judge you. Where is the choice?